What happens at a Block Parties LEGO® party?

Our parties are run by Kelly and Iain and will last for up to 2 hours. We make sure that we fit around your needs for food, cake and anything else that you have planned.

We will lead the play with fun games and competitions with prizes.

We can supply music and can shape all of our fun and games to make sure that your child gets a party that's perfect for them.

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LEGO® Party Games

We have tons of great LEGO® party games including

  • Race Car Test. Build them, then race them on our custom track.
  • Timed Challenge – Who can build the tallest building?
  • Superhero Building
  • Build your favourite characters
  • and lots more

We can also run simple supervised free play to let the kids imaginations run wild and to build whatever they feel like.

We award spot prizes, prizes for the games and we do our best to make sure every single one of your guests has a great time.

We are here to make sure you all have the best time and all of your guest leave feeling happy!


LEGO® Party Prices

We offer a simple pricing policy. Our parties cost £195 for up to 30 children and £245 for between 30 and 40 children.

If you'd like a bigger party then contact us to discuss your requirements.

To make an enquiry or to book your LEGO® party use the contact form to check if we're free on the dates you need or give us  call on 07547 140 774

We'd love to hear from you.


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